PhD and jigsaw puzzle

I am solving a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle. The result is going to be similar to the picture above. However, it is now far from this picture, rather looking like a mess. Small pieces connected without knowing where to put them! It reminds me of a PhD project. Looking at the picture inspires one to solve it. It is gonna be a specific problem  just like a specific picture of each puzzle. Tough it is specific, they have features in common: we learn how to approach different problems, learn reasoning and connecting small pieces to each other. Just like a puzzle, a specific picture should be solved but no matter how it looks like, a solving strategy and persistence is needed. Some puzzles are easier and some harder. It is always the challenge of the problem which drives me forward! To me I found it easier to solve the borders first. I think they are similar to the theory and background of the project. Once it is solved, now one needs to find the place of each piece relative to those border pieces. it’s like connecting the results and theory together to find the big picture. Some times a bottom up approach is needed, some times the problem solver needs to get back to look at the whole picture making sure the final goal is not lost.

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