Monthly Archives: October 2011

Group personalities

In Spring I attended a great lecture by Noble laureate, John Hall, in Photonics Conference in Ottawa. After the talk I had a discussion with him about the intellect of people like Einstein, Newton as well as those who win the Nobel prize. He mentioned the team work as an important key to the scientific success in today’s world. He is absolutely right. World has changed, knowledge, science and technology boundaries are moving forward with an incredible speed and an individual cannot keep up with it by its own. This issue is also true about social life. I always think about role of  different people in a team and contribution of each individual in a group. It can be a family, group of friends, a research group or a social group. Today I found a very interesting article on wikibooks, categorizing different group behaviours.

According to this categorization, I found out belonging to the constructive category is the key to the success. Worth reading it.