Photo by Greg Ehlers

Naghmeh Rezaei, PhD

email: me (at) ruz (dot) us

Welcome to my personal website! I am a San Francisco based data scientist passionate about exploring data and turning them into actionable insights. I have utilized my analytical and problem solving skills to find solutions and meaningful stories from biological data. Having a PhD in physics in quantitative experimental research, I have worked with both experimental as well as simulated results, and have developed a deep understanding of imperfections of the real-world data and in it I found a great passion in identifying patterns and developing predictive models, thus turning them into actionable solutions.

With extensive experience in machine learning, statistical analysis and data munging as well as hands on experience in molecular biology lab techniques, I am excited about providing data-driven insights for health industry and having a positive impact on products, consumers and businesses!

Most recently, I joined Insight Health Data Science as a data science fellow, where I consulted for AnimalBiome, a Berkeley based startup that provide microbiome health assessment for pets. I developed Purrrfect Gut, a machine-learning powered tool for diagnosis of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) in cats. Besides diagnosis, Purrrfect Gut provides insights for developing probiotic therapeutics based on gut microbiome.

For my PhD research, I worked on an exciting research to investigate nano-mechanical properties of structural proteins and short DNA in a cross-functional team of researchers and scientists. For this research, I used state of the art experimental techniques such as optical tweezers and atomic force microscopy to study how micro-environments affect collagen structure and conformations. I developed high-precision and efficient pipelines for data cleaning, feature engineering, statistical analysis and novel visualization of results.