Naghmeh Rezaei, PhD

email: me (at) ruz (dot) us

Welcome to my site!

I am currently a Senior Data Scientist at Illumina in Foster City. My interests are computer vision, AI, machine learning and their applications in genomics. Before joining Illumina in 2018, I was Data Science fellow at Insight. I was a consultant Data Scientist for AnimalBiome where I was developing ML and AI tools for diagnosis and therapeutics for cats. I recieved my PhD in Physics in 2017 from SFU in Vancouver. My research focused on statistical analysis and modeling to shed light on mechanical properties of structural proteins.  As part of my PhD thesis, I developed SmarTrace, an image analysis software, to process and analyze microscopic images of protein and DNA.

 In my free time, I enjoy independent data projects, gardening, hiking, reading and boardgames.