Monthly Archives: November 2011

Lev Pontryagin

I knew about a Russian mathematician, Lev Pontryagin, in my control theory class. He lost his eyesight at age of 14 due to a stove explosion. His mother had a great contribution to his success in math by reading math books and papers! I am amazed how all the concepts and notations and formulas were forming in his mind. Later in his career, he developed optimal control theory.

7 Billion and me!

World’s population reached 7 Billion people! 7,000,000,000! How huge is this number? How does it affect each individual’s life?

I am the 79,572,504,551 person on the earth! this many people have lived on the planet before me and at the time of my birth 4,788,694,168 people were living. Since my birth 3,642,974,970 people were born and 1,431,452,440 died.

The UNFPA website of 7billion and me gives an amazing statistics about cities, countries and parts of the world you’ve live since birth.